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Design tables multiple issues

Question asked by Steven Pedersen on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by Seth Tayfun

Please see attached PDF. This is my latest
attempt to revisit and actually use Design Tables - so far unsuccessful.  Have researched and tried everything so far.
Running SW 2015, Excel 2013, Windows 7, 64 bit.

Fairly certain this is an Excel-SolidWorks compatibility/communication issue but have no idea how to remedy.

  1. We are certain there are no text/format/syntax errors causing these
    problems - especially because we start with an auto-created Design Table (and
    we know all about setting up the “Family” cell etc),
  2. Externally-produced Design Table spreadsheets ("from file") won’t
    generate configs at all even when they are simply copies of "auto-created"
    Design Tables,
  3. Design Tables edited inside SW cannot be written to,
  4. When a Design Table is opened "in new window", 2 spreadsheets appear
    to open at the same time – one has data, the other appears to be blank – but both
    are connected somehow because closing one will close the other – obviously a
    clue to whatever defect is going on,
  5. Design Tables edited outside SW "in new window" CAN be written to
    but then all edits disappear upon re-opening,
  6. The configs that were manually created run OK - but new configs added
    afterward either don’t work or the data disappears – or is over-written by data
    in the next row above!