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Sketch on Projected Surface?

Question asked by Jake Uyeda on Jan 4, 2018

Hello everyone,


I need some help with a few different things for this part:


1.Making the bottom ribs/vanes attached to the bottom of the part.  This is difficult because the bottom of the part is a thickened boundary surface, so it won’t let me select the surface for a sketch.

boundary surface.JPGvanes.JPG



2.The indented knob things: I’m not sure how to make these indented knobs in the middle of a part like this.  Again it won’t let me sketch on the boundary surface (even when unthickened).  The work around I tried to use with the cut extrude and then lofted surface does not look very good.




3. Not sure how to do this little chunk out of the edge here.  Again the surface boundary makes things very frustrating.




4.Not sure if there is a better way to do the nozzle portion. Notice how it is poorly made.



5.Also I can’t figure out how to get the boundary surface and the sides to knit so that I can thicken and then fillet the edge correctly.

edge fillet.JPG





Any help or suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated.  I've attached photos of the physical part and also the Solidworks file of what I have.