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Draftsight - Rotate View

Question asked by Shawn Rogers on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Andrianto Irsyad

I am using DraftSight 2017 x64 SP2.  I have a part that is a cut-to-length piece of aluminum extrusion, for the sake of argument let say it has (1) flat edge.  On the drawing for the extrusion profile, the extruder prefers to have the profile with the flat edge located horizontally across the bottom of the view.  On the drawing for the cut part, the fabricator prefers to have a display of the profile with the flat edge located vertically along the left edge of the view with a side projected view located off of the right side of the profile view.


Drawing in 2D, I have created the profile and cut view in model space in the orientation they would appear in the fabrication print.  I want to use the profile as drawn and rotate the viewport for the extruder print before detailing.


How can perform a controlled view rotation on a viewport of 90 degrees? I know I can freely manipulate the view using the Constrained Orbit feature (ROLLVIEW), but I'm not sure how to do a clean TOP view rotation.


Thanks in advance.