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    double line

    Tim Muir

      Any idea why I get a double line when I under line my section and or detail titles?


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          S. Casale

          Is it really a double line or is it a layer setting that thickens the lines and text a lot?

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            Dan Pihlaja

            Double line?  I am seeing a thick line, but not a double line.

            I see pretty much the same thing you are seeing (of course, this is a note and not a section title.


            When I DO use a section title, I get this (with underline) LOL:

            I got this by checking this:


            But, if I leave underline unchecked and then just double click on the title and select underline that way:

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                Tim Muir

                changing those properties doesn't seem to be working for me, it won't update the drawing. if the word section  is at 12 and underline the title I get one line, if I change the text height to 24 and then click underline on the title I get the "double line" like I show in my first post.

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                John Christensen

                Setting the "base section standard" switches the underlines from double to single on a test file here.  No other settings were changed.  Also, "section", "space", and "a-a" are all treated as separate underlined entities, hence maybe the thicker appearing lines in some cases.

                ISO standard


                ANSI standard