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    Simple beam simulations

    Alex Paulukiewicz

          Hi all,

      Trying to run a simple beam simulation in solidworks. I have used one of my own excel calcualtion sheets, and also the beam calculator in solidworks to predict the deflection of the beam under its own weight. The 2 calculation sheets come with very similar values, but then the simulation is quite far out. Has anybody got any ideas or suggestions, i have a feeling it is down to either a load or a fixture but cant work it out. 


      beam calculator.PNG


      best regards


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          J. Mather

          Alex Paulukiewicz wrote:


          Hi all,

          1.  I have used one of my own excel calculation sheets,

          2. ...then the simulation is quite far out.

          1. Can you attach your Excel sheet here?

          2. ...can you elaborate on the simulation differences that you see?


          I think I see your issue, but I would like for you to describe it in a bit more detail before I point out the issues that I see in your analysis.

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              Alex Paulukiewicz

              Morning J, thankyou for the reply.



              Thats the deflection section in the spreadsheet. Given by how close it is the the beam calculator result I have taken the two calculators to be close and my issue withing solidworks. I have had no training on simulation was was just tring to figure things out myself. One end is fixed and the other is fixed in two directions and i have added the weight of the material and gravity as forces. 

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              Attilio Colangelo

              A couple things:

              - The calculators have the load in the middle but your simulation load is spread across the top face of the beam.  You will need to add a reference point in the middle of the beam and add the load to that point.

              - Your Simulation model has a gravity load whereas the calculator does not.  I didn't expect this to have a large effect but this is a 15.5m length steel beam so it does.


              Correcting those items I get 9.77mm deflection compared to 9.66 from the calculator.  Could probably get closer with mesh refinement, etc.

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                Alex Paulukiewicz

                Thankyou all for the help so far, certainly pushed me in the right direction. Firstly the beam calculator used a point loading instead of a UDL which was the next click down. The forumla in the exccel spreadsheet was something not created by me and that also works for a point loading not uniform loads.