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Performance issues with face selection

Question asked by Shawn Murphy on Jan 4, 2018

My cursor is lagging every time I select a face, see video attachment.


My computer was working fine for months then suddenly it started doing this, so I suspect a bad Windows update.  The last time this happens, the problem went away by its self after 5 hours. I'm not kidding....


I have onboard intel video card and Quadro M2000.  See screenshot 1.  I've switched back and forth between the video cards, but the same problem.

     I also used the optimized settings for Dassault System (I tried both options), but the same problem.


I've changed to using OpenGL with the performance settings turned down, but the same problem.


I'm the only one having the problem at my company and I'm the only one using a custom Dell T3620. Keep in mind this was working fine for me since May 2017. 


I've tweaked a lot of the settings in SolidWorks with no luck.


Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

I'm not really sure where to start on this one, hardware, software, operating system......etc.