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Driving parts from custom properties.

Question asked by Josh Hixon on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2020 by Gary Hamm

Hello all,

I have been recently tasked with Increasing efficiency and accuracy of drawings. One of the things I have come up with is using PDM data cards to input the specific requirements for our parts (created from template parts). My question is more of a general what problems could I create by doing this. Let me detail out what I have done.


One of the things we produce is rectangle Pool blankets. To make our descriptions, Material usage, and etc., match the actual model (Been a huge issue in the past), I have made it so the Draftsmen only have to input data one time, the first time the data card pops up after saving the file into PDM. Bam!! Finished part with minimal drawing clean up.

Data Card variables have been set up for width and length of covers. In a sketch within an assembly, I have made the rectangle drive from the Properties associated with the variables. Other things have been automatically calculated using global variables within the properties. Such as the Square Footage of the main body of the cover. This is a fairly dumbed down version. Some of our products will have many more dimensions driven by the property than just 2.  The Description for parts is all driven from the other input data to make sure that information all matches.


The person that can answer this bonus, gets the answered correctly privileges. Is there a way to drive what weldment profile is selected from a custom property? So if I have material set as a variable, and a draftsman selects say 2" pipe or 1.5" pipe from a drop down on the data card, the weldment automatically changes to that profile.