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rename configs and derived configs using find replace macro

Question asked by Erik Rotolo on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Erik Rotolo

Hello all,


I have a part file or asm file.

This file has a huge amount of configs and derived configs  as the part numbers, and these part numbers need to change. 

But these part numbers are associated in many asms, so deleting all the configs and changing the names in the excel design table is no good.

I need a way instead of manually changing hundreds of configs via right click properties or slow double click all the names and manually type new names. 

This is probably the kind of the situation i need a macro to change all the config names.

A marco that works like find replace in excel, for example find replace in all config names "ANBXYZ" with "ABCXYZ". 

Now, the part number code would really be ANBXYZ-48.  So the -48 must be untouched (so the result is ABCXYZ-48) .

Is it even possible to do in an API?

Is something like this exist already?