Thomas Voetmann

Degenerate faces

Discussion created by Thomas Voetmann on Jan 3, 2018

I experienced an issue with degenerate faces that caused problems downstream, and I just want to share my experience hoping other can take advantage of it.

Unfortunately I did not see the error until the part was send to the manufacturer, so it cost a significant delay on production. I only share the relevant section of the more complicated part.

The Combine4 feature creates this degenerate corner. And the Check tool does not see it. Also the STEP export seems OK but it is not.

If you roll back the Combine 4 everything looks OK.

But what is wrong and what to do?

It turns out that the MoveFace5 actually is the culprit. Unfortunately the degenerate fillet is mostly hidden by the other body.

Reorder the MoveFace5 to just above VarFille6 (one feature up) gives this different result.

... and the combine works.


Lessons learned:

  • The solution IS available but maybe not at the obvious place.
  • Move Face and Variable Fillet does not go hand in hand always.
  • Check does not catch everything, so be alert.