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Assembly equation in pattern problem after rebuild

Question asked by Laurynas Astrovas on Jan 3, 2018

Hello, I have a problem and hope someone had it as well and could help me.


I am using equations with patterns in assembly. All of the equations are correct, no errors showing. Every time I enter a new value, after rebuild everything works fine. Until I start to enter bigger values (not 2, 5, 10). To be more precise some parts wont rebuild when I use values more than 30. Dimensions are not even millions of  millimeters.


As I mentioned, after rebuild some parts patterns are calculated correctly and they are rebuilding properly. But some of them don't. Even after that no errors or mistakes are showed. The only option how to fix it temporarily is to double click on the dimension with equation in it and, for example, add gap anywhere or re-type same digit again without changing meaning of equation. After pressing enter equation finally makes new calculation and after rebuild looks good.


Doing it manually every time is not an solution for me and I want to know what is wrong.


Hoping for your help!