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Is there a way to use more than 1 cutlist in a weldment?

Question asked by Ken Kobmann on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Sergio Monti

So, the weldments I design will have a mixed bundle of material types that are processed in multiple differents locations. Let me use just 4 examples so my babbling makes sense. This cutlist will have 4 different processed types of material. There is a Shear & Brake Process, Saw Process, Laser Process, and Plate Burn Process. All 4 process areas have their own material, so there is no pre-processing prior to the cut list making it the their department. The person in brake & shear needs material type, gauge, and blank dims. The person in the saw department need material type, profile size, and cut length. The folks in Laser and Plate need to know material type & gauge/size. And they all only want what they need. Example: The guy from laser doesn't want a cutlist laid out like break and shear because he doesn't want the column called "blank size" because he's cutting from a file, and nobody wants all the blanks on the custlist when it doesn't apply to them (Like if I have a column on the custlist called "profile size" and "profile length", that only applies to the saw department). I know I can split a cutlist, but what I'm looking for is to only populate those custom properties that each group needs via a custom property like Group (Saw, Laser, Plate, etc), or through equations like IF("cutlist prop@part2" = Profile Size, Unsuppressed, IF("cutlist prop@part2" = Blank Size...........and so on.


As always, thank you very much for the free education.