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Solidworks 2017 (student) Non Funtional 3DCONNEXION Spacemouse Enterprise

Question asked by Robert Thresher on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Robert Thresher

I have an EAA version of Solidworks license running on 2017.

I also have several Autodesk products ( all work with the new 3d mouse)

I see Solidworks in the LCD screen on the 3D connexion  mouse when I activate the Solidworks window.


I do NOT see any Add-in for 3Dconexxion in the Add-in tool in Solidworks.

I have HSMworks add-in, but that was loaded since after this problem showed up, it does work.


I have reloaded the drivers, (latest download from 3dConnexion site)  ran the fixup for the 3dmouse from the program folder. It loaded some more software, but made no difference.


I have No functionality with the 3d mouse while using Solidworks. 

I have tried all of the obvious mentioned in the forum (to no avail)


any one have an idea?