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    APC 16X12 Prop Model-Flow only around the hub

    Phillip Greenberg

      I've been working to replicate an model aircraft prop made by APC (16x12E).


      After creating the prop and refining the shape, I am noticing that the flow trajectories show the airflow centered around the hub (see picture 1), with little to no airflow from the mid-point of the blades and up. This caused me concern until I looked at the cut plot of the velocity. In the cut plot I do see velocity changes all the way up the blade (see picture 2). Is this an issue with the flow trajectories, or is my model not creating a proper flow field? I'm hoping to use this model in simulations down the line, so I want to make sure that the flow off the prop is realistic.

      Prop Char at 5000rpm.bmpProp Char at 5000rpm_1.bmp


      Please let me know if Any additional details are needed.