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loop macro

Question asked by Faez Alkadi on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Elmar Klammer

I have never worked on macro before and would love to know if there are some resources or videos to help me learn. I want to build a macro that offset surface of a body for i number of times and save every single offset as a separate IGES file format.

In this macro I wish to be able to input offset distance (d) which increases with same amount every loop and number of desired loops (i).

And get output, i number of files for the offseted surface in IGES format named from 1 to i. 

For example:

First offset file name is 1.IGS.

Second offset file name is 2.IGS.

and so on ....

Last offset file name is 100.IGS. (if i =100)

All in the same folder in my PC.


I wish to use this micro to offset any surface one any solid part. After I select the surface that i want to offset, I just run the macro and determine (d) and ( i) and just run it.


Thank you so much