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How it was necessary to create weldment?

Question asked by Igor Fomenko on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by Barbara Jerin

From the beginning SW had part file,assembly file and drawing file.Later (SW2004) we get possibility to have several bodies inside one file. But after this I think SW went wrong way:they made weldments which contains a lot of bugs up to now (SW2018):

Subweldment mass is ZERO!!!

Subweldment Item Number is *

SW! Don`t override cut-list properties by custom properties

BUG with BOM for assy of weldments

Mirror part bug in weldment

I found out that PTC Creo use usual assembly for weldments.In this case it is not necessary to make cut-list, their cut-list properties,derived parts with transfer of cut-list properties to file properties and so on.

Assembly can provide all functionality weldment have.

So why SW made one more essence (weldment) which born a lot of problems and bugs?