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    Can I print in one file from individually slddrw ? following pages numbering !

    Dan Aninaru


      A. First context:

      I have individually slddrw saved files (in one folder) as you can see below, starting with my first sheet (in attach) in order like this:

      file name: slddrw 1 whith sheet #1 tab, followed by

      file name: slddrw 2 whith sheet #2 tab, followed by

      file name: slddrw 3 whith sheet #3 tab, followed by next ,next & so on......................

      a. My temptation is to print all of these in one pdf file having the pages sequences increased  page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4,

      b. My preference: Would rather be direct from SW grabbing all stuff and going out to the printer (still keeping the pages order for sure)


      B. Second conetxt:

      I know, I could keep all of theses sheets in only one slddrw drawing file (but could be lot of sheets) again I lose controll having dimensions linked in table

      (only one sheet w/ only one part keep the right relation, without transfering to the previous part link, when are many). I found the link is comfortable practical

      that is why I prefer absolutely to keep starting from context A. Are you for or against it?


      Question 1

      Tell me is this working (context A) print some way starting from my individually sheets (slddrw's) and get finish in one? First off all

      direct from Solidworks to Soliworks (I'm using SW2009/12) and secondly passing by pdf


      Question 2

      If not, how do you print other way ? (not at all, in context B, because I found this inconvenient)


      All of you good year 2018 coming soon

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          Kevin Chandler



          Regarding context "A":

          SolidWorks can only print one drawing file at a time and with one drawing sheet per drawing file, you can only print a one sheet PDF file.

          Your sheet # is shown as 1/1, so what do you mean by "sheet #2"? Is it the second sheet of a multiple sheet drawing?

          How you maintain the sheet numbers and total sheet counts?


          I prefer to create PDF files using File>Save As PDF, but you will still only get one sheet PDF files I don't if this is available in your version).

          To combine these into one PDF file of all sheets requires using third party PDF authoring software like Adobe Acrobat.

          You can also open an account with Adobe using Reader to get this service done, but you must pay for it.


          However you choose to combine PDF files, I don't believe you can use SolidWorks to do it for context "A".


          Regarding context "B":

          • I prefer to have all sheets for a part (or an assembly) in one drawing file.
          • A File>Save As PDF in SolidWorks creates a PDF file with all sheets in it.
          • The sheet numbering and total sheet count is automatically maintained on new/deleted/moved sheets.
          • However, in context "A", all sheets must be edited when adding or removing a sheet to adjust the total sheet count and subsequent sheet numbers must be edited when inserting or removing a sheet anywhere in the sheet sequence.
          • I don't believe in having multiple different parts linked to one drawing file across multiple sheets, this leads to fabrication problems.

          How are you linking the drawing table to the dimensions shown in your image?

          • Is the text in the table linked to part properties?
          • Or is the table text linked to the dimensions?

          Why are the red dimensions different than the red table dimensions?

          The thickness is correct, but the overall width and height aren't correct, so what is the table linked to?


          Happy New Year to you,