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Can I print in one file from individually slddrw ? following pages numbering !

Question asked by Dan Aninaru on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2017 by Kevin Chandler
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A. First context:

I have individually slddrw saved files (in one folder) as you can see below, starting with my first sheet (in attach) in order like this:

file name: slddrw 1 whith sheet #1 tab, followed by

file name: slddrw 2 whith sheet #2 tab, followed by

file name: slddrw 3 whith sheet #3 tab, followed by next ,next & so on......................

a. My temptation is to print all of these in one pdf file having the pages sequences increased  page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4,

b. My preference: Would rather be direct from SW grabbing all stuff and going out to the printer (still keeping the pages order for sure)


B. Second conetxt:

I know, I could keep all of theses sheets in only one slddrw drawing file (but could be lot of sheets) again I lose controll having dimensions linked in table

(only one sheet w/ only one part keep the right relation, without transfering to the previous part link, when are many). I found the link is comfortable practical

that is why I prefer absolutely to keep starting from context A. Are you for or against it?


Question 1

Tell me is this working (context A) print some way starting from my individually sheets (slddrw's) and get finish in one? First off all

direct from Solidworks to Soliworks (I'm using SW2009/12) and secondly passing by pdf


Question 2

If not, how do you print other way ? (not at all, in context B, because I found this inconvenient)


All of you good year 2018 coming soon