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Need Font help!!!

Discussion created by Jason Beauchamp on Jan 30, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2009 by 1-4D3UP5
Our company is working on the transition from AutoCad to Solidworks. I have been given the task of setting up the defaults to match our current AutoCad defaults, line weight, layers, etc...

Here is the problem that I am having. In autocad we use Simplex.shx, and when I try to reproduce this font in Solidworks with the Simplex.ttf, or SWSim.ttf, the font is the same but it width is wider in Solidworks. I have tried just about everything to get the width smaller. For some reason if I open the autocad drawing in solidworks the font is fine, but if I try to create a note in solidworks the font is to wide, but they both have the same settings.

2 questions,

1) How do I fix this and get the exact same font in solidworks as I use AutoCad.

2) Is there a font simular to the simplex.shx, that could be used?

Please help.......