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    Need Font help!!!

    Jason Beauchamp
      Our company is working on the transition from AutoCad to Solidworks. I have been given the task of setting up the defaults to match our current AutoCad defaults, line weight, layers, etc...

      Here is the problem that I am having. In autocad we use Simplex.shx, and when I try to reproduce this font in Solidworks with the Simplex.ttf, or SWSim.ttf, the font is the same but it width is wider in Solidworks. I have tried just about everything to get the width smaller. For some reason if I open the autocad drawing in solidworks the font is fine, but if I try to create a note in solidworks the font is to wide, but they both have the same settings.

      2 questions,

      1) How do I fix this and get the exact same font in solidworks as I use AutoCad.

      2) Is there a font simular to the simplex.shx, that could be used?

      Please help.......
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          Mark Kaiser
          I think the best advice (you've probably already tried) is to convince everyone that SW is not the same as Autocad. Some things will be different, and sometimes good, sometimes bad. I can understand the frustration, but I don't think you'll ever get everything to look the same, might be time to bite the bullet and move forward!
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              Jeff Hamilton
              I agree.
              Print of a typical drawing and they'll see the difference. Typically Solidworks produces a much nicer drawing with standard fonts.
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                Dale Dunn
                Mark is completely right. There will be many AutoCAD habits that need to be discarded.

                SW does not have a user-accessible width factor setting for text. Width factors are kept when importing by default, but there is a setting to disable that if you want to. Last I checked, these width factors are not kept when exporting to dwg/dxf.

                Since SW uses only windows-compatible fonts, instead of dwg/dxf-specific .shx fonts, there is no completely equivalent font to a width-reduced simplex.shx.

                I hope you won't have to fight through changing a CAD-standard enforced font.
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                Garrett Brooks
                I agree with Mark
                We had similar problems when we started to use SolidWorks

                If you are going to use SolidWorks you will have to move past some certain picky CAD standards from the past that the first drafter just used because he liked them.

                A year from now you won't want to draw anything in AutoCAD
                • Need Font help!!!
                  You should be able to get romans.shx and SWRomns.fnt to match up pretty well. The SWxxxx fonts are supposed to be true type copies of the equivalent *.shx

                  Make certain to use (x)Units for your width designation rather than ( )Points. Watch out for a width factor not = 1.0 in your text styles or dim styles as that will make it harder to match. Also watch out that many single text strings in AutoCAD will have fit to width turned on which will also make it hard to match in SolidWorks.

                  In general the SWxxxx fonts work best going the other way from SW to AutoCAD and you need to produce a DXF for a vendor or another company department, and it has to look just like it always did before.