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Library Feature Location Help

Question asked by Andrew Overhage on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by Rob Edwards

I am trying to create a library feature to place a thread of a specific depth into parts. I need to actually model the thread for 3D printing. I have gotten it most of the way, but am having problems getting the location of the library feature right. It has a reference for the top plane that is correct, but I would like to reference this surface and the center point of the hole for the thread in the new part. How do I add this? The files are attached bellow. I am using solidoworks 2017 student.


Right now it just places it in the same xz location as the original when placed into a new file, but I want to be able to control this with a point. I don't think I define this location anywhere in the library file, so it should be a reference I would think.