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Simulation study on 2x4 lumber just for practice using simulation module.....(to see how much can be applied before it breaks)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by J. Mather

Good morning all,

I thought I'd do a little practice exercise using the simulation module on some wood just for kicks.  I am not a structural engineer so do not know the math formulas for the handwritten workup, but thought it would be cool to see how much weight I could apply to the center of a standard 2x4 oriented the strong way before it breaks.  I took an 8' length and have each end fixed 2" inch from end on center.  I used the split line command to apply the force points as someone suggested on here years ago from an older post (see snips below).  I'm not sure though what the modulus of elasticity is for standard wood from hardware store.  Is it oak?  Nothing is in the material database for SW apparently.  I pulled up the matweb database (MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource) and am not sure what should be chosen for this value in order to update the SW materials database as far as the modulus.  Any help would be appreciated for this value, as well as my approach.  I think I have it all set up properly, just when going to run the simulation there is no elastic modulus value on file within the software.  Thanks in advance.