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Name of parts in feature tree not matching component names in Solidworks Electrical Schematics

Question asked by Saju Sam on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by Nicky Lin



After inserting the models of parts into an assembly from Solidworks Electrical component tree, Solidworks adds that part into the feature tree. When this is done, the name of the part in the feature tree is a combination of name given to the component and a random number generated by Solidworks Electrical.


When a component is renamed in Solidworks Electrical Schematics, the name of the component updates in the component tree in Solidworks Electrical 3D. But, the name of the component in the feature tree doesn't update.


For example, in the below screenshot, 'MCP X32 18' is the initial component name given in Solidworks Electrical Schematics. So, the name of that part becomes MCP X32 18|83862 in Solidworks Electrical 3D. When I change the name of that component from 'MCP X32 18' to 'X1' in Solidworks Electrical Schematics, the feature tree in Solidworks Electrical 3D doesn't update to X1|83862. Is there a solution to this issue? The naming of the components in Solidworks Electrical component tree need to match the naming of parts in feature tree in order to avoid confusion.

Component naming in feature tree not matching.PNG