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Updating Settings via Settings Administrator (.sldsettings files)

Discussion created by David Mandl on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Jeff Niederman

Hoping to piggy-back off of a previous discussion on this topic originated by Ken Maren.


I used .sldsettings for the first time as part of an upgrade to 2017 SP5 for my users.


Loading the .sldsettings as part of the admin image was no issue at all, and as far as I can tell it worked like a charm (no periods in our usernames, so happy times for us).


But I've noticed that I want to change one of the settings I had previously locked, and I'm not seeing a great way to modify them:

  • I can't just double-click on the .sldsettings file.  The Settings Admin just has you load your old .sldsettings file, then create a new one.  You can save a copy and overwrite the original, but still...
  • When I do have a new, modified .sldsettings file, the changes don't seem to take effect on new sessions of SW (as one might intuit from the "Apply Options > Every time a user starts SOLIDWORKS" option).
    • For unlocked settings, I can have my users modify them as they see fit, but for locked ones I can only have them enter the unlock password EVERY SESSION or I have to delete a registry key to disassociate from the .sldsettings file.


I've had a support call with my VAR, and I suspect that an SPR might be created for it in the Knowledge Base.  Does anyone notice this type of behavior if they use 2018 SP0(.1) or later?  I'm curious if this is a feature that I should avoid using until (a) we have a much more concrete idea of what we want our settings to be or (b) some SPRs are fixed on it in future releases.