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PDM CAD Data Backup Strategy

Question asked by B. Watkins on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Jason Capriotti

Hi, Our IT department currently backs up our PDM vault daily, I believe and just overwrites it every day. I'd like to set up a way to easily restore individual CAD files from the vault from earlier dates if the need arises. Not just earlier revisions of files thru the file history in PDM, but restoring files that may have been deleted by mistake. What is a good method? I was thinking the vault backup is just for a catastrophic failure and that the whole vault would have to be restored at once. I was thinking of also doing seperate backups for the data files within the vault from a vault view and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups, with the daily and weekly backups being incremental that can be overwritten and then doing a full monthly backup that gets archived permanently so we can go back and restore files from them if needed. Any thoughts? Any other ideas?