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Export to DXF cleanup view doesn't match final exported view

Question asked by Michael Baycura on Dec 28, 2017

I can't get solidworks to export a correct DXF file of my model. I've tried exporting from a drawing view and model surfaces and neither work, but they both fail in different ways.

Attempt from model:

i right click on the extruded surface i want to export, select "export DXF/DWG" pick a file name, add additional surface closed loops (note that choosing single or multiple surfaces doesn't change outcome) on the same plane from the same extruded features then click the checkmark to export. At this point i get a pop-up labelled "DXF/DWG cleanup". In this window all my lines look correct and all the curves appear to be there. However after i click "save" the resulting DXF is nothing like what is shown in the cleanup view and all my most of my curves are gone. I don't understand why my output isn't the same as my cleanup view.

Cleanup view

Final DXF with no curves

I've tried maxing out resolution and detail in every image quality setting i could find, and every combination of DXF export options from the model and from a drawing view of the same feature and nothing will give me smooth or correct curves even though they appear ok inside of solidworks models and drawings.

Sometimes when exporting from the drawing I can get the sine portion to display mostly ok by selecting "use Polylines" however then my simple transition bends are all messed up. Selecting use splines never works, making the sine portion flat.

This part has some extreme size variation as it is 400mm long whereas the curves shown are .15mm wide. I'm guessing this large range of dimensions coupled with high resolution requirement is at the root of it, but if it can do the math for the model and solidworks drawing view why can't it export with the same data and curve resolution?

No setting seems to simply export what's on the screen or drawing view as is, or give me the same view i get in the "cleanup" pop-up before surface export. Does the computer hardware have any bearing on what is possible?


As some may be able to tell i'm working with electronic traces, for a flex circuit in this case, and am using solidworks to model how this will bend around a tubular object. Amazingly the model works but i'm struggling to find a way to export the trace geometries to a clean enough image to create a gerber or other electronic layout. if anyone has some recommendations of other software or techniques they've used for similar challenges i'd be open to hear them.