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PCM cylinder_How much time taken by paraffin wax for Melting and Solidification

Question asked by Sajal Saj on Dec 29, 2017
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Hi Folks,

Myself SAJAL,


I am trying to solve a problem of PCM cylinder (phase change material) on flow simulation, problems is briefly describe below,


The hot water gives heat to the PCM by the process of convection and conduction on its way of flow from one end to other of the heat exchangers. This stage in which the PCMs accrued energy is known as charging stage. After giving heat to PCM the water get accumulated into the used HTF storage tank. Hot water keeps flowing continuously through the heat exchanger till the PCM charged fully. Once the PCM stored energy up to the maximum level the hot water is stopped by closing the appropriate valve (s). With the stop of flow of hot water the charging stage of the system gets completed.

  The 2nd step of the experiment is extraction of heat from the PCM. This step is also known as discharging of PCM. To discharge the PCM cold water is sent through the heat exchanger of the targeted PCM cylinder from the same HTF hot/cold source tank. The cold water can also be sent from the cold HTF tank directly by using the pump. The cold water, while flows from one end to the other of the heat exchangers absorbed heat from the PCM. After absorbing heat the water get accumulated in the used HTF storage tank.


I am facing defficulty to create below plots, does it possible to get in solidworks flow simulation?

  1. How much energy to be stored by PCM during melting?
  2. How much energy to be delivered by PCM during solidification?
  3. How much time taken by PCM for paraffin wax to Melting and Solidification
  4. Graph between Solidification Temperature Vs Time.
  5. Graph between Temperature Vs Radial/Axial distances
  6. Graph between heat transfer coefficient Vs time.
  7. Non Dimensional number (Reynolds No., Nusselt No.)
  8. Efficiency of PCM


Model and the boundary condition I have provided which you may check on attached model.

Could anybody help me out to solve with above mention plot?