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    problems with shaft fixtures

    Naco Quiroga

      Hi guys,

      I'm trying to simulate a shaft with an axisymmetric load. The solver shows me a problem related to fixtures or large displacements, depends on the solver I choose. I use a fixed hinge feature on one side and a roller on the other. Just like a shaft should be hold. I assume that the problem has to do with a turn on the shaft, but the load is axisymmetric so I don't understand why should I restrict the shaft circumferentially.

      Is there any way of solving the problem without making a circumferential restriction?

      Thank you!!

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Naco,

          When there are rigid body motions left in an analysis the solver tends toward finding these and the setup becoming unstable.  You may not need to create a fixture to hold the circumferential direction in place but you would want to consider the possibility of either 1) splitting your body axially along a symmetry plane and applying a symmetry fixture to the cut face, or 2) going into the study properties and turning on "Use soft springs to stabilize model".  Either of these will probably make the model fully stable without sacrificing the results.