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Export Drawing Sheets to a single pdf of only the manually selected sheets

Question asked by Waqar Moazzam on Dec 26, 2017

Hello Everyone,


I've been researching on the forums and have find some pretty amazing macros and learned a lot to try and sort most of the things out by either using the already provided macros or slightly tweaking things as needed.


I'm looking for a Macro is pretty basic, though i cannot find a way to script it down, all the macro will do is replace a few clicks that need to be made everytime you need to manually save a pdf i.e. File>Save As>Set format to Save As>Save. The macro should go to the point where it prompts and asks you which sheets would you like to save in the pdf. The user can then select the sheets and save the pdf. It would be great if the view pdf on save may be disabled or enabled with changing a single line of code.


All i'm trying to do is to save those ugly clicks for which you need to hover your mouse around to get to the point where you select the desired sheets and hit enter. If there can be a possibility to create a single pdf of all the sheets excluding the last one, that would be the ideal case scenario for me as i have flat patterns on the last sheet of the drawing.


Any help would be really appreciated.