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How to Unfold a circular corrugated sheet-metal?

Question asked by Ahmed Ashour on Dec 27, 2017
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I am using SolidWorks 2016 and I'm trying to unfold a sheet metal part that I made(pic 1), but I can't because I can't find any fixed face. It's a corrugated sheet metal and also has a curvature. I made this sheet metal part by to sketches, the first one is the section of the corrugation(pic 2),  and the second one is the path of the first sketch (pic 3). Then I used "swept flange" for those to sketches to form the part (Insert -> Sheet Metal -> Swept Flange).

I need to make holes on the part as shown in (pic 1) but I can't unfold the part because I can't find fixed face. So I made a small Edge Flange to be able to select a fixed face to unfold the sheet metal. This final step I used made the part has a small edge stuck with it and can't get ride of it. Also in assembly this small flange will form a problem.

The question is, Is there a way to unfold this part without doing the edge flange step?


Link for the part : Wallsheet (Solidworks discussion forum).SLDPRT - Google Drive

Solidworks question pic 1 part view.pngpic 1 (Sheet metal part)

Solidworks question pic 2 corrugations.png(Pic 2) First Sketch "Corrugations"

Solidworks question pic 3 path.png(pic 3) Second Sketch "path"


Solidworks question pic 4 Edge Flange.png(pic 4) Edge flange For unfold