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Smart Dimension Problem

Question asked by Samir Aghayev on Dec 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by Elbin Brown

Hello I am Samir ,I changed my hdd drive swap with samsung evo ssd,I replace my old hdd,everything is ok,but solidworks and rest of all programs was working slowly,thats why I bought solid state drive,I upgade my laptops ram and so on,I install everything included Solidworks,my smart dimension tool is not working properly.  I am able to  giving dimension one time only after that it won't allow me to select another line or circle etc.  A smart dimension icon is coming next to my cursor.I am stucked at this.  This is very frustrating . Angle between two lines is also not being changed.     Without this i am unable to do anything.Please help