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Select Group Issue in Surfacing

Question asked by Dave Bear on Dec 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Hi All,

Okay, so I know this one is going to make people like Paul Salvador just laugh, but I've got to ask.


I'm venturing into "Surfacing" for the first time. I've done the SW Tutorial and now I thought I'd have a crack at the 2010 Camaro tutorial that every man and his dog seems to have done at some stage!


The tutorial instruction is this:-


So what we are going to do is a boundary patch with a little twist. In the direction1 box you want to right click and go to Selection Manager. You are going to want Select Group which is the 3 mouse cursor icon.


Then select the arc on the original surface we made and the arc on the new surface we just created then select the green check mark.

Camaro Group select.JPG


So I do just that, but the problem is that it won't allow me to select the arcs that I want. I can select the top arc no problem, but not the lower one. I did play around with it hiding views and such and managed to select them both but then it comes up with this error.




Where have I gone wrong? I just know this is going to be something stupid................


Part is attached.