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Please help me with the stress distribution problem with diode assembly

Question asked by Ramchandra Gawde on Dec 23, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja


my name is Siddhesh.

I am working on a diode assembly. I am a beginner in simulation. i have attached aseembly nd part of the diode housing. I want to see the stress distribution on the diodes. I dont know about contacts and what are they used for, so i am having troubl finding solution. if we apply 7 KN of torque on each screw, how much stress ll act upon each diode. Material for diode can be silicon. In the assembly i have positioned the diodes such that the centre of rectangle formed by screws and the centre of equilatral triangle formed by by diode is coincident. Will it make the stress distribution equal on each diode. The diode should have a stress of 22kN in order to operate. Please help me with this problem, just solve the assembly nd post it here. so i can see how the contacts have been applied and where the fixtures n torque is applied. The holes on the vertical plates should made as fixtures.