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Why Bounding Box Dimensions on Sheet Metal Cut-List are wrong?

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Sergio Monti

Can some please help on this. I use sheet metal a lot but I've never seen something similar.

All the bounding box dimensions on Item 1 are wrong. Even if the actual bounding box sketch is correct (see pictures below), the cut list properties of item 1 seem to be copied from item 3. I don't understand why. I tried to update cut-list, to CTRL-Q, to save as a different name... without success.

Item 1 - wrong dimensions:


Item 3 - correct dimensions:

I understand this part is very messy because comes through many different changes to the design (revisions) and when I do a new revision I usually do it using "Direct Editing" (this allows to easily go back to previous state).

I'm on SW2015 SP5.