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How do I get my settings back???!!!

Question asked by Matt Peneguy on Dec 22, 2017
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Here's my situation: I recently had a large assembly start taking about 20 minutes to load and some of the patterned components in nested subassemblies were showing rebuild warning marks.  I'd open the sub assembly edit the feature and everything was fine for that session.  Close-out reopen, BAM! problems.

So I pack'n goed (Still not clear if that's correct parlance) the files to the VAR, as always they got right on it and figured out that my installation was messed up.  So I followed their instructions which were very similar to Javelin's in this thread Instructions: how to copy settings via wizard on 2016 SP3 .  Then I took this opportunity to upgrade to 2017 SP5 (we were on sp3).  So my question is how do I get my settings back because I don't want to risk using Copy Settings Wizard had have something from that mess up my new install?



I had to do a complete wipe and install because of something corrupt in my install.  My Copy Settings Wizard backup may be corrupt.  How do I get my settings back?