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Does Solidworks have have a way to Dimension Rolled Sheet Metal?

Question asked by Ken Kobmann on Dec 23, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2017 by Ken Kobmann

I wanted to know if there was a setting or a better automated tool for dimensioning a roll in sheet metal. Currently, the only way I know that it does it is by treating it like it's a press broke or drawn bend. When you flatten a rolled bend it turns into a single piece that appears to be all radius. I would liken to a part that has 2 or 3 bends but when you flatten it appears to have only 1 bend. I just whipped together a quick example of what I mean:




It loses the flats or tangency when flattened, and without displaying an Arc Length it is impossible for anyone to lay the part out or manually program a laser/plasma cutter. I have always thought I must be missing something, but my searches haven't brought me any closer to an answer. I have decided as of late that I don't care if I ask a stupid question and get a little egg on my face if it helps me utilize Solidworks faster (and yes, there are stupid question. They only came up with that slogan so dumb people like me don't feel bad, and the person who spelled Sheetmaetal when making that Tag. Lol)


As Usual, let me thank you in advance for spending the time to share your knowledge with me.