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    Some Templates are not Present

    Matthew Forrester


      I recently updated to SolidWorks 2017 and now I am getting this message. Any feedback on how to remedy this is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

      solidworks not working.JPG

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          Deepak Gupta

          Click OK and proceed. And then check for template location under Tools > Options > File locations and make sure that templates path is properly set/mapped.

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              Matthew Forrester

              So this is where I have gotten to and I am not sure where to go from here.

              File Location.JPG

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  Check all three locations and make sure they have templates. If not then remove/delete that part.


                  Also check under default templates and see if your assigned templates are mapped correctly or not. If you see them empty then define a default template for each type.


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                      Kevin Chandler



                      I believe Mr. Gupta is correct.

                      I'll further suggest that while you are doing this template cleanup, you create a common template location that's outboard of the SolidWorks installation paths.

                      Preferabbly on a non-local path.

                      Since SW paths are version dependent, an SW upgrade maintains these paths for legacy data.

                      But I've encountered that having several of these number paths generates confusion as computers of different vintages are upgraded over the years.


                      To bypass this, I created a "SolidWorks Data" root folder on a common engineering share and then created specific folders underneath it.

                      One is for templates.

                      We use Tab Builder and have to modify our drawing template often to edit "Drawn Date" forward so we don't have to scroll the calendar too much. (Yes, I'm too lazy to type the date.) One quick edit to the template by anyone fixes it for all.


                      Our customer templates are in individual folders under the templates folder and by Windows design, these folders automatically become tabs on the template dialog box.


                      Some of our other subfolders are for decals, gauges tables and standard notes.

                      Whatever is common to all.

                      Create a folder under the SW data root and set everyone's file location to it for that topic.


                      Even if it isn't "common" yet, set it up this way and then all you'll have to do for any adoptees is to edit their corresponding file location.


                      Plus Good: If a SW setup needs fixing (or initial setup), it's the same story for everyone.

                      Double Plus Good: Unlike network shares, local drives aren't usually backed up.





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                  Matthew Forrester

                  Thank Deepak and Kevin. I have used both of suggestions and everything is worked as needed. My folder system is also slowly growing in organization.