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Showing configured assembly features

Question asked by Joe Tonkin on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Joe Tonkin

Hello everyone,

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I have an assembly made up of a handful of parts that get welded together. Then the whole thing gets machined. I have created configurations of both the basic welded assembly and the finished machined assembly, as well as the default. In the machined config, I created a revolved cut as an assembly feature. This cut gets suppressed in the welded version.

My problem is getting the respective configs to display properly. Either they all show up as the Welded version or the Machined version. I've gone back and double checked the design table a number of times to make sure the right features are suppressed or unsuppressed in the correct versions.I figure the issue is somewhere in the display states. I've tried linking and unlinking the display states with the configs. But now it seems like it's stuck in the machined state no matter which specific display state it's in. I feel like I'm missing clicking a setting somewhere.



Joe Tonkin