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Lofted bend 3d sketch, for sheet metal weld tabs can you make it work?

Question asked by Ali Tarraf on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Ali Tarraf

Trying to do weld tabs on a 3d profile metal sheet with 2015 version.

I wish I had 2018 with automatic weld tab feature!


I tried:

Lofted bend of the top and bottom 3d sketch curve . It works with some geometries , but not with everything, at least not with the attached curves. I can select the curves but I have a self intersecting geometry. I doesnt like sharp edges, so I have arc fillets on corners.


Any guidance on how to model in sheet metal a curved 3d metal sheet with weld tabs is appreciated. I am flexible about the tabs shape and position. However not flexible on the curve general profile. See attached file.


Ali T.