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How do I rename a driven dimension in SW2009?

Question asked by Charles Culp on Jan 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by Charles Culp
Hopefully someone can answer this one quickly. I want to set up a design table for a mil spec part that I am modeling. It is a set screw, so it will have a few dozen configurations. I want to write an equation in the design table to control one of the dimensions.

To do this requires a driven dimension. I want to rename it so anyone who looks at this later will know exactly where this dimension came from. So this is all buildup to my question of...

How do I rename a driven dimension in 2009? It is grayed out!

In the time it took me to post this, I found a work-around. I made it driving (which overconstrained my sketch), renamed it, then made it driven again. Is there a more appropriate way?