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Zero thickness when cutting on a concave face

Question asked by Erik Schuiling on Dec 20, 2017
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i've run into a problem working in sw 2017. usually i can figure it out myself, but this time there isnt even a solution on google.


i am trying to cut a blind m3 hole on the concave side of a pipe. however, when i try to do so it gives me the ztg error. i've tried the following:


- restart sw

- flip offset of reference plane

- tried different commands (hole wizard normal hole, through all, extruded cut.)

- dramatically increased wall thickness

- recreated the sketches and planes over and over

- work in a part instead of assembly

- preselect the reference plane

- tried different hole depths


on the convex side i can do all these commands. and even if i select through all, it gives me the ztg error


this has taken me hours already. any help would be appreciated


here's a screenshot of the part: