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    Are command and userCommand from CommandOpenPreNotify event user independent?

    Dennis Beeren

      Dear All,


      I would like to execute some function when a specific button is clicked in Solidworks.

      Therefor I need the userCommand from the CommandOpenPreNotify event to determine if I catch the right command. So far no problem.


      However, I would like to know if this userCommand can be (or is) user specific. The commands I would like to catch are commands from add-ins of a third party PLM- and a Design Automation suit. So no genuine Solidworks commands.

      In other words: Are the userCommands of third party add-ins equal across different users and user configurations?


      I checked some users and there the userCommand seem to be consistent across users, but I really want to be sure about this.


      Any information is highly appreciated.


      Best regards,