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    Parent Scale on drawings: Missing or grey.

    Dustin Van Gorp

      Why is parent scale grey on drawing view 2? Why is parent scale missing on drawing view 3?

      I consolidated drawings from multiple sheets to a single large format sheet (Sheet 1.)

      Can I link all the drawing views to parent scale (drawing view 1) or do I need to re-dimension all the drawing views?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          You're asking a lot of questions that seem to assume we know more than you've told us, or shown us, but I'll try to help.  When drawings refer to "parent scale" that means they're views that were projected off another view (the parent view).  By default, they'll use the same scale, but it's easy enough to change them to the sheet scale in each view's Property Manager.  If they've lost the connection to the parent view then I don't know of any way to re-link it.  Since you've pasted multiple drawing views onto a single sheet I'd suggest setting them all to the sheet scale (assuming you've set the sheet scale to the proper value at the sheet properties).  If you don't want them all the same scale then, again, it's easy enough to set the desired scale for each view.  Select "Use custom scale" where shown below, then select the desired scale from the drop-down.