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    Solidworks crashes with no reason

    Alex Nejati

      Hi all,


      I don't know if I'm asking my question in right section or not.


      I run Solidworks on a PC new brand Lenovo 3600 MHz (4 cores) with 16 GB RAM. The speed is fine. However, it crashes in different projects and situations. I monitored the actions and crashes. There is no certain situation in which it crash. Sometimes it happens in a very simple assembly, and sometimes in a complicated one. But, I never got crash in drawing and part environments. I usually work in 'Weldment' environment.


      Have anybody got any idea or similar experience?

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          Solid Air

          SW only uses one core as far as I know.  You did not mention if you have a certified graphics card.  Not having one can cause this issue.   However, there are also many other reasons for SW to crash.   Sometimes it can be as simple as rebooting your computer everyday.

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            Ethan Kay

            I'm running SW2018 sp2.0 on a test system, it's an older CAD station but still has an i5 and 32 gb of ram and a K420 with the correct driver. I installed on this to try out 2018 and the free surface simulation.  It crashes ALL THE TIME not doing a simulation, just edit part = crash, open part = crash, open an assembly = crash, ect.


            I ran SolidWorks RX and everything is up to snuff for this, actually running RX trying to catch a crash is the only time it doesn't crash.


            It is a silent install over the network and the install worked fine so if the AV or UAC screwed something up and just make it unstable that's piss poor work from the programmers.

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                John Sweeney

                Hi Ethan,

                Random crashes are extremely frustrating for you and for us too.  If something is reproducible and repeatable we can find the cause and solution, but with random crash situations it can often be tough to narrow down the cause.


                In SolidWorks 2018, the crash dialog now shows the fault module, which is the dll name where the crash occured along with an offset value that gets us to the location within the dll.  This combination of dll name and offset is essentially an ID to uniquely identify the crash you're seeing.  We would likely need a lot more info to determine what is happening on your machine, however, if you pass along this info I can take a look to see where you are crashing. This might help us narrow down the cause.


                Ultimately, if anyone is seeing regular crashing (repeatable or random), you should work with your VAR who can help triage the problem and report it to us so we can investigate.  When you crash, a crash log is zipped up and archived on your machine and can be sent at a later time to the VAR along with other data to help us understand the issue.


                I hope this helps.


                Best Regards,


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                Shaodun Lin

                Hi  Alex:


                Please contact your reseller ( VAR )  and report this issue.

                Crash troubleshooting will require your CXPA folder to be uploaded to Service Request.

                Your CXPA folder is located at %localappdata%\SOLIDWORKS\CXPA.