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Text with Borders - In a General Table

Question asked by Trevor Hall on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Trevor Hall

I have a general table and I want to place "Hex Symbols" in one column. I did go through the trouble of creating a custom symbol, but I want to stop using it and use native Solidworks attributes instead.


Options are:

     1. Balloon with Hexagon instead of circle, controlled size by using "one character limit instead of "tight fit".

     2. Note with Hexagon Border, controlled size as stated above.


Balloons are great when I'm using them in my drawing space, but I can't put a balloon in a table cell. When I put text in the table cell, I can't see an option for border around it. When I create a note with a border, then copy and paste that note into the table cell, the "one character" control is pastes, with the hexagon border, but as a tight fit.


Any thoughts?