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PDM Transition - Shelled STEP files

Question asked by Lasse Nielsen on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Lasse Nielsen

Hello SolidWorks forum,


Currently our PDM is set up to automatically export a final assembly to a STEP-file during the last transition The STEP files are often used by our sales personal, so it is neat to always have them ready. The problem is however that they are not shelled as exterior faces, so the could in essences be used to build a copy.


I have created a simple VBA-macro the deals with this problem but I cannot find a method that allows me to fire the macro during the final transition.


My initial idea was to copy the macro into a task-script, but it doesn't seem to work. To modify an original export code string from TaskAddIn seems daunting to me due to it being another type of  code language


The Dispatch add in on the other hand has a user friendly GUI, but is rather limited in its capabilities.


Any ideas to how I can proceed?