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Need some BOM help please

Question asked by Warren Frederick on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Elmar Klammer

Im doing a preliminary house design and am trying to come up with a BOM so I can get an idea of what my material will costs will be. I set up the structural member tool so I can create 2 x 6 and 2x4 and other dimensional lumber fairly quickly. I broke the house up into parts such as foundation, 1st floor framing etc. When I created my drawing for BOM purposes i kept each part (with a ton of structural member cut list parts) on a separate page. Things seem to work fine until i got my 2nd floor page. Suddenly parts are being duplicated all over while others are being shown at all and I don't understand why. Enclosed below is my part file and the drawing file so far. ( i also added a pdf of pages 6 and 7 where my issue is). Part 1.7 and 1.35 for example are the same part each showing i need a qty of 44, why does this show twice? Meanwhile a 2x10 header above a window shows with wrong dimensions.


I would appreciate any help.


Thank you!