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    How to update the File Name from the BOM?

    Dale Herzog

      Hi Everyone,


      I was wondering if anyone knows the trick to making changes in the special SW-File Name custom property propagate to the actual file name when updating from a BOM?  My (unsuccessful) procedure is as follows:

               ("Rename file from SW has been checked")

      1. Create new custom property by concatenating the all PartNo and Description custom properties in Excel (About 600)

      2. Add the SW-File Name property to the BOM

      3. Paste the desired column from Excel to the SW-File Name column in the BOM

      4. Select the "Keep Link" option from the popup.

      5. "Ctrl-Shift-Q" the drawing and the generating assembly.


      This is where things usually work out if it's a standard custom property, but I'm worrying that one of the "special" details about special custom properties is that you can't update from the BOM.



      Many thanks,