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Alternative to SolidCAM

Question asked by Antony Milnes on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Francisco Martínez

We are running SolidWORKS 2015 and have been using SolidCAM to date.


We design relatively straightforward components for a 3-Axis Milling Machine. Furthermore we are not designing new parts for our inventory everyday. Thus, the SolidWORKS software we have is perfectly adequate. However, having run a software update recently SolidCAM has been knocked out and so we are now happy to upgrade this software.


I contacted our reseller to enquire about upgrading SolidCAM and have been quoted a very large amount. This includes updating SolidWORKS, plus back payments since we left the subscription scheme - something that as pointed out already we simply do not require for the level of work this software is required to do.


So we are at the point where we will make a departure from SolidCAM and would like to identify an alternative software package. We would prefer something which sits inside SolidWORKS, such as Bobcam or HSMWorks. Though I was again disappointed to see that despite paying for the HSMWorks, after 12-months the subscription lapses and you are then not able to use the software at all.


This seems like a very ruthless business model. For a large company, with a big workforce and design teams looking to stay at the cutting edge of design and produce drawings and parts as quickly as possible, a subscription makes perfect sense. For me personally, I simply require a stable software package that continues to function for several years without issue.