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How do I delete half of a part from a downloaded file?

Question asked by Christopher Hurlbut on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by Kevin Chandler

Fair warning, I am not very experienced with SolidWorks as I have zero technical training in CAD use.  I use a student version with my Veterans discount.  I do work as a union millwright so my mechanical knowledge is pretty decent.


I am building a catapult to throw golf balls.  For some of the parts such as bearings and such, I am using the downloadable files from Mcmaster Carr.  One of the parts, a shaft collar with part number 6436K146, I want to delete the two screws and the bottom threaded half.  The problem is, the way it was built.  It seems to me that both halves were created from a single extrusion, then drill holes and then the screws added.  I am using the top half only as a sort of very light weight pillow block bearing.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?  Or, would I be better off just creating a simplified top half myself?