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link BOM from an assembly drawing to another drawing

Question asked by Francois Boisguerin on Dec 14, 2017
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Hi solidworks community.


In our office we create assembly and drawing of them.

For each assembly, we create other drawing with detail part, usully we use A3 document size with 6 parts in it.

here are pictures to show what I mean




I would like to link the balloon number (and why not the quantity) of the assembly drawing to the detail drawing so that it is easier to find part and where they go for my workers.

I don't really know how to do that. In the detail drawing, I have put a view of the assembly and add a BOM. Then in each view of the part I select properties and link the ballon to the assembly BOM. It works but the bom is not linked to the main drawing and if the pieces in each BOM are not ordered the same way, I get different number.


Also I am able to add a table in the assembly model. But how to connect it to the drawing?


I don't know if we can use macro to do that. I'm not an expert in macro but I'm not a beginner too.


Thanks for your help !