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Vault database upgraded, but still can't sign in to vault

Question asked by Timothy Jung on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Timothy Jung

I was trying to migrate my old vault(EPDM 2014, running at Windows server 2008) to a new server (windows 2016) with brand new PDM2016 server.


I basically followed the the user manual to back up archive files, archive server settings, file vault database, and master database from the old EPDM 2014, restore them onto swpdm server 2016 and upgrade vault database using upgrade tool under <media>\swpdmserver\Upgrade\Upgrade.exe.



However, when I am trying to sign in to this vault from Administration tool, it still shows an error saying "the database of this vault has not been upgraded. Please run the database upgrade tool." Since I have already upgraded database to 16.0 using upgrade tool, I am not quite sure what is the cause of this problem.



Any insights? I have been trying to search for solutions for couple days but nothing worked...


Thank you so much!