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Configuring a new Hole "Type" for Hole Wizard

Question asked by Michael Fernando on Dec 14, 2017

Inside SWx Toolbox, I’ve already created a new company specific standard by coping an existing Standards.


In this new Company standards, I would like to add a new Hole Wizard Standard for Low Socket Head Cap Screws. Basically, this will be a copy regular SHCS with a different head height. How could I do it?


I expected to copy and paste regular SHCS, then rename it to LSHCS and edit its database. Apparently, it's not possible!


Please note that I want to keep SHCS and new LSHCS as separate Types. This will enable to list them by two separate types under Hole wiz-->Hole Specification-->Hole Type-->Type. (I don’t want to "Add" new LSHCS holes inside regular SHCS)